Premonition means ‘Heads Up”

According to my experiences only, a premonition is a warning that something is about to happen and it is usually not good. In my experience it went like this… I was 15- years old when I started my first job working at a Chinese restaurant. I was walking out of the dining area and into the kitchen through the swinging doors. And as the doors swung closed I saw, in my minds eye, the cash register was open and two tall but ‘skinny guys’ were walking out the front door. So I stop right in my steps and turned around. I did not question what was going on in my head. Instead, I acted upon it. And as I went through the swing doors, I saw the cash register wide open and the two ‘tall skinny’ guys were walking out. WOW! I ran right to the front door, where the payphone booth was located, and dialed the cops. Ok, so I am telling on my age. Well, at least I didn’t tell you how much money the phone cost! Anyways, talk about Devine timing, the cops were driving up the street when they received the call. So, when the skinny guys pulled out of the parking lot, the cops were right behind them. If I had to guess the timing, I would have to say two minutes, tops!!! From the start of the premonition to the finish. There was literally no time to anylize. In that moment, I felt excited and I was appreciated by my boss and co-workers. But, two months later, I showed up at court and felt only empathy for the two guys. I honestly felt bad even though the judge was laughing and saying, “This little girl? Ha, ha, ha!”. I am convinced this is the reason I never got called for jury duty. The courts usually goes by circumstantial evidents, not by what’s in a person’s head. A year before I started working at the Chinese restaurant, my mother had a premonition right across the street from the restaurant at the corner tavern. But it played out differently. Mother and her boyfriend, at the time, was sitting at a table having dinner. And my mother got real nervous and she was squirming in her seat. She was observing the bartender, Linda, as she was gathering up her things getting ready to leave. My mother told her boyfriend that she needed to stop Linda from going outside. So mother started to get up from the table and her boyfriend grabbed her by the arm and said, “You are not going anywhere. Just mind your own business.”, he said firmly. So, nervously, mother sat back down. Next thing you know, Linda put on her coat and left out the back door towards the parking lot. And right after that the owner of the bar, who is also known as Linda’s boyfriend, also left out the back door. Not two minutes later the gun went off. And Linda confessed it to be an accident. Said that her boyfriend did not mean to shoot her. Needless to say my mother was freaked out. She did go to the cops and they told her nothing you can do. She confessed it on her death bed. I learned a lot from both incidences. One, never put a man over a premonition. Two, obedience is the way. Being obedient. Premonitions are an Oracle and you only find oracle on the lips of Kings. The Bible tells me that!

—Tina MariePremonition


My name is Tina Ziolkowski, Business Owner and Founder of TMZ PRODUCTS AND SERVICES LLC, were we sell Chakra Color Flame Candles.

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